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1920 Fabryka Porcelanyi Wyrobow Ceramicznychw Cmielowie

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Stock Code VM-FPW1920

  1920 certificate for a 1000 Marek share in this famous Polish ceramic company. Vignette of differently decorated plates, a teapot and cup being painted by a cherub, a statue of a ceramic soldier and lion. Beige, white, brown and green certificate.

Certificate size is 24 cm high x 35 cm wide (10" x 14"). It will be mounted in a mahogany frame, with gold inlay, size 35 cm high x 45 cm wide.

A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the ceramics industry

About this company

Framed Certificate Price : 460.00

Certificate Only Price : 400.00


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About this company

The company was established in 1815 by Prince Drucki-Lubecki , finance and economics minister of the Polish Kingdom. He also founded the National Bank in 1825 and the Polish Bank in 1828. The company also produced china for bath houses and pharmacies, bricks and isolators. They earned many honours at international exhibitions. In 1920 the firm became a limited liability company. In 1923 the firm merged with a China factory in Kolmar (Chodziez), that was established in 1852. Both companies are still operating as independent limited liability companies.

Source: Tschoepe, Kaarst, Germany, 2000


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