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United States Of America (A - D)

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1967 Admiral Corporation
1969 Air Reduction Company Inc.
1977 Air Products and Chemicals
1967 All-State Credit Corporation
1966 Allied Chemical Corporation
1970 Allied Stores Corporation
1969-1971 Amerada Hess Corporation
1970-1985 American Brands Inc.
1970 American General Insurance Company
Unissued American Hide and Leather Company
1966 American Machine and Foundry Company
1989 American Medical International Incorporated
1976 American Natural Gas Corporation
1961 American Protestant Church of The Hague
1971 American Safety Equipment Corporation
1943 American Superpower Corporation
1955-1971 American Telephone and Telegraph Company
1971 AMF Incorporated
1967-1970 The Anaconda Company
1940-1955 Anaconda Copper Mining Company
1947 Anglo Californian National Bank of San Francisco
Unissued Apex Sanitary Specialty Company
1951 Appalachian Electric Power Company
1968-1971 Appalachian Power Company
1880 Argonaut Mill & Mining Company
1919-1927 Arizona Commercial Mining Company
1968 Armour-Dial Incorporated
Unissued Arnoll Incorporated
1928-1931 Associated Gas and Electric Company
1971 Atlantic Department Stores, Incorporated
1928 Atlantic Ice Manufacturing Company
1966 Babcock & Wilcox Company
1936 Baltimore American Insurance Company
1904 Baltimore Refrigerating & Heating Company
1956 Baruch Oil Corporation
1969 Basic Resources Corporation
1985 Basic Resources International (Bahamas) Ltd
Unissued Berwyn Pharmaceutical Corporation
1948 Boston & Albany Railroad Company
1921 Boston Elevated Railway Company
1935 Boston Wharf Company
1921 Boston and Ely Consolidated Mining Company
1927 Bush Terminal Company
1917-1920 Butler Brothers
1909 Car Lighting and Power Company
1970 Carolina Power and Light Company
1970-1972 Cartridge Television Incorporated
1970 Celanese Corporation
1929 Central Public Service Corporation
1931 Central States Electric Corporation
1960 Century Natural Gas And Oil Corporation
1946 Century Ribbon Mills Incorporated
1962 Chemsol Incorporated
1928-1939 Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad Company
1855 City of Bangor
1969-1971 Coastal States Gas Production Company
1970 Columbia Broadcasting System Incorporated
1970 Columbia Gas System Incorporated
  Columbia Pictures Corporation
1973-1976 Columbia Technical Corporation
1970-1982 Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company
1897 Commercial Cable Company
1966 Computer Applications Incorporated
1974-1977 Consolidated Edison Company of New York Incorporated
1936 Consolidated Railroads Of Cuba
1928 Consolidated Textile Corporation
1967 Container Corporation of America
1986 Continental Oil Company
1964 Continental Tobacco Company
1966 Controls Company of America
Uniissued Co-operative Pure Milk Association Incorporated
1930 Coty Incorporated
1940s-1950s Coty International Corporation
1970 Daryl Industries Incorporated
1967 Data Control Systems Incorporated
1939-195252 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
1917 Detroit Edison Company
1954 Dewey and Almy Chemical Company
1957-1959 Dewey Portland Cement Company
1960s-1970s Dillingham Corporation
Unissued Dows Farm Company
1977 Duplan Corporation

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