Further Stocks By Country

United States Of America ( E - H)

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1969 Eckmar Corporation
1941 Erie Railroad Company
1980 European Auto Classics
1987 Eversharp Incorporated
1971 Executone Incorporated
Unissued E-Z Stop Food Marts Incorporated


1970 Fabergé Incorporated
1968 Fallstaff Brewing Corporation
1946 First York Corporation
1927 Fisk Rubber Company
1971 Gardner-Denver Company
1963 General Box Company
1955 General Motors Corporation
1965 General American Transportation Corporation
1982 General Instrument Corporation
1950 Gimbel Brothers Incorporated
1929 Glen Alden Coal Company
1969-1971 B F Goodrich Company
1959 Grain Elevator Warehouse Company
1961-1967 Granite City Steel Corporation
1967 Greenfield Real Estate Investment Trust
1964 Greyhound Corporation
1950 Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company


1928 Hamilton Fire Insurance Company
1971 Hanover Insurance Company
1968 Harsco Corporation
1969 Hess Oil & Chemical Company
1932 Home Insurance Company
1931 Homestake Mining Company
1984 Horizontal Bore & Drilling Company
1972 Hospital Corporation of America
1978 Hovermarine Corporation
1960s-1970s Howard Johnson Company
1975 Hughes & Hatcher Incorporated
1988 Huntway Partners
1950 Hydraulic Press Brick Company

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The certificates listed by country are for sale, however have not yet been scanned in. Once they are, we will list them on the main shop page. Until then, if you have any interest or queries on any of them please email us. We'll be pleased to send you further details including a picture.






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