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United States Of America (I - M)

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1954 Illinois Central Railroad Company
Unissued Interior Lumber Company
1909 Interborough-Metropolitan Companhy
1969-1982 International Business Machine Corporation (IBM)
1910s-1920s International Nickel Company
1970 International Minerals And Chemical Corporation
1971 Interstate Department Stores Incorporated
1962 Investment Trust of Boston
1977 Jones And Laughin Industries Incorporated
1946 Kaiser-Frazer Corporation
1944 Kropp Forge Company
1964 Lee Rubber & Tire Corporation
1913 Lehigh Valley Transit Company
1913 Lehigh Valley Trust Company
1937 Lima Cord Sole and Heel Company
1962-1963 LNC Corporation
Unissued Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
1927 Loew's Boston Theatres Company
1918-1967 Magma Copper Company
1953-1978 Maine Central Railroad Company
1973 Marvel Hemsley Limited
1948 Massachusetts Investors Trust
1946 Massachusetts Second Fund
1970-1971 Mattell Incorporated
1970 Menasco Manufacturing Company
1975 Metro-Urban Investment Corporation
1899 Mexican Telephone Company
1930 Mexnorwest Holding Company Ltd
1963-1978 Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Company
1934 Mid-Continent Petroleum Company
Unissued Million Dollar Saloon
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The certificates listed by country are for sale, however have not yet been scanned in. Once they are, we will list them on the main shop page. Until then, if you have any interest or queries on any of them please email us. We'll be pleased to send you further details including a picture.




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