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United States Of America (N - R)

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Unissued Narrangset Racing Association Incorporated
1946-1952 National Linen Service Corporation
1909-1920 National Railways Of Mexico
1920s-1950s National Tea Company
1964-1973 Nevada Power Company
1924-1928 New Cornelia Copper Company
1921 New England Oil Corporation
1947-1956 New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad Company
1970 Newmont Mining Corporation
1965 Noramco Incorporated
1912 Norfolk Southern Railroad Company
1892 North American Company
1925-1934 North American Edison Company
1967 North American Equitable Life Assurance Company
1910-1934 North Butte Mining Company
1967 Norwich Pharmacal Company
1969 Oakite Products Incorporated
1957-1971 Ohio Power Company
1967 Old Town Corporation
1960-1969 Oneida Ltd
1971 Orange and Rockland Utilities Incorporated
1950s-1960s Paramount Pictures Corporation
1957 Patino Mines & Enterprises Consolidated
1855 Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad Company
1971-1972 Pennzoil United Incorporated
1967 Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation
1971 Permaneer Corporation
  Pet Milk Company Incorporated
1948-1954 Phelps Dodge Corporation
1943-1971 Philadelphia Electric Company
1974-1977 Philips Petroleum Company
1969 Phillips - Van Heusen Corporation
1942-1972 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company
1970 Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Company
1863-1952 Phoenix Insurance Company
1970 Plymouth Rubber Company Incorporated
1963-1970 Public Service Electric And Gas Company
1957-1967 Reading Company
1971 Republic Color Inc.
1960-1977 Republic Steel Corporation
1959 Rexall Drug Company
1962-1966 Rexall Drug and Chemical Company
1965 Richfield Oil Corporation
1969 Rock Island Company
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The certificates listed by country are for sale, however have not yet been scanned in. Once they are, we will list them on the main shop page. Until then, if you have any interest or queries on any of them please email us. We'll be pleased to send you further details including a picture.






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