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United States Of America (S - Z)

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1957 Sabre-Pinon Corporation
1969 Schering Corporation
1961 Science Resources Incorporated
1958 Seneca Falls Machine Company
1975-1977 Shaklee Corporation
1972-1981 Shell Oil Company
1967 Sinclair Oil Corporation
Unissued Smart Shoppers Incorporated
Unissued South American Oil Company
1977 Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
1966 Southern California Edison Company
1951-1954 Sperry Corporation
1970 St. Joe Minerals Corporation
1964 Sterling Precision Corporation
1958-1966 Television Industries Incorporated
1969 Terex Corporation
  Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation
1970 Texas Gulf Sulphur
1923-1929 Tobacco Products Corporation
1936 Township of North Bergen
1955-1956 Tung-Sol Electric Incorporated
1916 Tuolumne Copper Mining Company
1912 Union Copper Mines Company
  Unistream Investments
1928 United Cigar Stores Company Of America
1947 United Corporation
1958 United Printers And Publishers Incorporated
1969-1971 United States Banknote Corporation
1930 United Stores Corporation
1970-1975 Universal Oil Products Company
1959 University National Life Insurance Company
1975 Uris Buildings Corporation
1971 U.S. Financial
1981 Valley Gas Production Incorporated
1905-1911 Vandalia Railroad Company
1939 Waldorf Systems Incorporated
1929-1953 S D Warren Company
Unissued Webb & Knapp Incorporated
1950 Western Pacific Railroad Company
1968-1970 Western Union Corporation
1973 Westinghouse Electric Corporation
1976-1977 Wisconsin Telephone Company
1968-1969 Wilshire Oil Company Of Texas
1974 F.W. Woolworth Company
Unissued XSIS Electronics Incorporated
1971 Yardney Electric Corporation
1923 Zenith Mills Incorporated

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The certificates listed by country are for sale, however have not yet been scanned in. Once they are, we will list them on the main shop page. Until then, if you have any interest or queries on any of them please email us. We'll be pleased to send you further details including a picture.



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