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1890 Odin Mining Company



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Stock Code VM-OMC01

Company Odin Mining Company. This mining company was formed to take over the Vensterkroon quarter of the Potchefstroom gold fields in South Africa.
Description 1/20 of a 1200 guilder share. Bule decorative border with complete coupon sheet.
Issued To -
Issue Date October 1890
Company Officers
 P. Lycklema Nyeholt   Actual  signature
 P.F. Baron van Heerdt   Actual signature
 P.H. Scholten Director Actual  signature
Size 26cm wide x 19cm high

Framed Certificate Price : 145.00

Certificate Only Price : 75.00

A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the mining industry or
  • has the surname Nyeholt, van Heerdt or Scholten
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