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Coal, Mineral And Gold Mining Industry Certificates

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  1857 Maria Anna And Steinbank Coal & Coke Co.  

  1858 Anglican Smelting, Reduction & Coal Company  

  1860s Madera Coal & Improvement Company  

  1870s Excelsior Coal Company  

  1880s Mount Olive Consolidated Coal and Coke Company  

  1880s Cape Cod Mining Company  

  1890s Mamera Mining & Milling Company  

  1890 Odin Mining Company  

  1890 Guyana Gold  

  1893 North Eastern Bultfontein  

  1894 Dutch South African Diamond Co.  

  1895 African Coal And Exploration Company  

  1900s Bogart Blue Flag Mining Company  

  1900s Manhattan Isabella Mining Company  

  1900s Guelph Mining & Milling Company  

  1900s Custer Consolidated Mining Company  

Become a stockholder in the following companies:  

    Apex Silver Mines  
    Barrick Gold  
    Capital Gold  


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